Sunday, January 6, 2008

Princess Keira Knightley

The 22 year old actress is all buzzed up on her career moves. Her latest success and critical acknowledgement in movies like The Duchess and Atonement, she certainly has a long way to go. It would seem that these are the thoughts that are preventing her from tying the know. The 22-year-old actress - who's in a longterm relationship with actor Rupert Friend - has heeded the advice of her mother Sharman MacDonald, who advised her against depending on men for financial and emotional support.

She tells OK! magazine, "I'm from a very liberal upbringing. My mum's like, 'No, you get a job, you support yourself, never look to a man to support you.' I think getting married and having children would be lovely. But not right now or really any time soon."


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