Sunday, January 6, 2008

She Bent It

It appears while filming for the movie The Duchess, Keira Knightley had to face a strange problem. We all know she is skinny with a really really unfilled behind. So it seems while filming, she had a "butt of all jokes". What with the little bottomed out behind, she needed all the fillings and paddings to fit into those fluffy flowing costumes to portray the 18th century duchess. A source said: "Keira has one of the smallest behinds in the cast and so we had to make the flounces on the back of her gowns even bigger than normal. The smaller the bottom, the more abundant the ornamentation required.

"Add to that the large hoop undergarments known as panniers which widen the gowns, and each garment takes up a huge amount of space. We needed more room to accommodate all Keira's wardrobe so had no choice but to extend her trailer."

Well, I guess we have got to put all these troubles "behind" us and hope she gets that shining mannequin to show for her good work that is now behind her.


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